Hans Eric Hageman

Hans Eric Hageman - Life Purpose Coach

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Self-Discovery: Uncover passions, strengths, and values that align with your purpose.
Vision Crafting: Create a clear and inspiring vision for the next phase of life.
Mindset Recalibration: Address limiting beliefs and cultivate empowering thought patterns.
Strategic Planning: Develop actionable strategies and a flexible plan tailored to personal goals.
Execution and Accountability: Implement the plan while maintaining support and accountability to ensure consistent progress.

"Today, I'm celebrating a significant milestone - one year of pursuing my dreams full-time. This journey wouldn't have been possible without the unwavering support and guidance of my extraordinary mentor, Hans Hageman...Through our partnership, I've discovered that a great mentor not only provides a safe accessible space for asking tough questions but also excels at elegantly delivering hard truths as opportunities. And, they open doors, you didn't see coming. Hans is more than a mentor; he's a trailblazer in leadership, unafraid to break the rules and never sugar-coat the truth...Thank you, Hans, for consistently embodying authenticity and integrity. You not only inspire me, but everyone fortunate enough to be in your presence." - Maya Emelle, Entrepreneur, Filmmaker, Higher Ground for Humanity


"Thank you for the opportunity to connect with you and grow professionally. Daunting challenges are associated with the transition of a professional athlete aiming for success in mainstream corporate America. The professional assistance/guidance you provided has directed and educated me through the landscape, given me new tools that's needed, added value to my brand, and significantly impacted my image." - Teresa Edwards, Olympic Champion, Basketball Hall of Fame

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Asia21 Young Leader 2019
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